Property Investment


Wyman School Lofts

When clients engage us, our first objective is to find top quality property in prime locations at below prevailing market values or where value can be added.  Our approach to property investment provides superior returns as we undertake the entire cycle of acquisition, refurbishment,  leasing, and property management. Our ‘all in one’ approach allows clients who seek to invest in property the ability to work with one company from start to finish, whose focus is to maximize their return of investment. We undertake the design and management of refurbishments using our inhouse team. Upon completion our leasing and property managers leverage our portfolio brand to ensure that the property achieves top rental yield, above average occupancy levels, delivering maximum return on your investment. Typically when making property investments clients juggle between many different parties:  realtors, lawyers, architects,  designers, contractors, builders, property managers, tenants etc. Due to the complexities of managing these various parties, investing in property can often be a time consuming and challenging endeavour. We believe our approach has many key benefits and base our relationship with clients on a long term results driven approach.  Our services are tailored per clients requirements and standard fees are payable through each stage of acquisition, refurbishment, leasing, and management. Please contact us for more information.


Our Value Creation Approach


Our objective is to maximize long-term value through a total value approach to property investing. We seek to achieve this objective by identifying and investing in real estate that we believe have appreciation potential as well as investments with recurring cash flow. As opportunities present themselves and as market conditions dictate, we focus our investment activity in one or more of our business segments and aggressively pursue such opportunities. In general we seek, on an opportunistic basis, to acquire operating properties that we believe:

• are undervalued,
• present an opportunity to outperform the marketplace while providing current cash flow, and,
• can provide superior returns through improved management, refurbishment, and/or development;

We strive to identify and provide opportunities to participate in property investments focused on high-quality, income-producing residential, commercial, and mixed-use facilities. Each investment is governed by a detailed financial analysis. Whilst approaching investment from a financial aspect, we are all too aware that value in the property sector is added through best utilization of space incorporating innovative design so as to exceed end users expectations. We are committed to implementing an investment philosophy in accordance with the following objectives:

• To invest capital only in transactions that are expected to deliver excellent risk-adjusted returns
• To provide superior returns through improved management, refurbishment, and/or development
• To add value to the existing portfolio through pro-active asset management and brand building

Benefits of our investment strategy include;enhanced portfolio growth, superior total rates of return - based on predictable and increasing cash flows, and superior equity appreciation.